Democracy is… ICE CREAM

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The Boby Satria’s, has submitted a very good video for our submission to a contest which is called ‘Democracy Video Challenge’. This contest is provided by US Government. This year is the second year DVC engaged. The Democracy Video Challenge is an opportunity for the youth to define our vision of what democracy is.

On the first year, DVC has succesfully engaged hundreds of new voices in the democratic process of reform and now brings even more voices to the discussion of ‘Democracy Is…’ including our video.

Boby Satria, as the representative of this team on the contest have submitted our video. Our short term goal is to become the representative of Indonesia as the finalist that choosen by the U.S. Department of State. The U.S Department of State will choose three finalists from each of the six world geographic regions (Western Hemisphere, East Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, Near East, South & Central Asia). And our long term goal is to become the winner of this contest and also to let people all around the world KNOWS that here, on Indonesia during the last 11 years, Indonesia has steadily progressed towards democratization alongside political decentralization, despite Indonesia is among the last countries in Southeast Asia that embarked into democracy.

This all will not be easy guys. To be honest, this special post is created to make sure that all of you kindly support us. There are so many ways to do that. You can start to view our video on Youtube and if you have a Youtube account, please leave a comment and rate. We really appreciate it. And then you can start to promote this video. Tell your friends, tell you parents, tell your teachers, especially tell everyone and invite them to watch our video. And don’t forget to tell them to leave a comment and rate. May Allah SWT bless you with success and happiness for doing this for us.

Our video basically talks about our perspective of what democracy is. We represent Democracy as an ICE CREAM. ICE CREAM has multiple meanings. First meaning is an acronym for Independently Choosing Everything and CREAting Mature-decision about it. Then Democracy on our perspective is like the ICE CREAM that you choose and buy, any taste that you get, you still like it. Democracy is ICE CREAM for hope to wait, freedom to choose, and happiness at the end.

So, once again I remind you, please support us for Indonesia!!

Youtube User Name: TheBobySatria
Video Name: Democracy is…ICE CREAM

Best Regards,
Boby Satria, Erma Wati, Gilang Abdal Basith, Mia Qoryati, Miranty Elidiana, Rudi Haris, Teguh Budianto
Democracy is…ICE CREAM


3 responses to “Democracy is… ICE CREAM

  1. #ahem… salam untuk mia yaaa…. hehehehehe

    RE : hehe, iyaaa 😛 miss yuu beb

  2. Ini sama ama postingannya miwwa, kalian pada copas ya ? 😀

    RE : yeee, kami mah satu tim, wajar donk promosi 😀

  3. hihihihi pasti !!!!

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