Award ke2 d blog


pertama-tama aku mo ngucapin makasih k BEB , soalnya uda ngasi award k blog ini, hoho

ni aku pajang!


dan kemudian PR-nya adalah googling nama + hates, contoh : ferdi hates. dan jadilah ini jawaban dari PR nya..

1. Erma hates phone machines . I thought it was me.

2. Teams Erma Hates. No teams have been selected yet. Join Today

3. I HATE dusting–it just gathers until I can’t stand it anymore. Ironing’s up there too, Erma obviously never had a Rowenta.

4. Humor Column: The Urban Erma by Leighann Lord: I Forgot, I Hate ..

5. Erma Elzy-Jones Information – offers all of the latest Erma Elzy-Jones news as well Everybody Hates Chris ·

6. Erma hated all the junk Louise sold. She hated the fake ambience created by fishnets, and the fake antique deep-sea diving suit Louise had bought at a

7. A tribute to the old-fashioned housewife, and to Erma Bombeck, chin-up reminders that everyone hates doing the laundry, and that even the most adored

8. Erma that’s not true. In NY they have round the clock bus and subway Things I hate about Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach, Newport News:

9. Editor’s Note: Is Max & Erma’s tasty or tasteless? The staff hates us for it, but we pay for it, and their company policy is that if

10. “Erma can’t let go of her misery,” Mom said. “It’s all she knows.” She added that you should never hate anyone, even your worst enemies.


Dan sekarang, award ini akan aku teruskan k saudaraku CABON,

trus PR-nya sama , yaitu googling nama + hates, contoh : erma hates.


3 responses to “Award ke2 d blog

  1. Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be coming back to your blog.

    RE: ok!

  2. I should email you about this.

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